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5 Jul 2017

Why You Should Purchase Laminated Business Cards


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Posted By Sherri L.

Are your business cards always getting destroyed or thrown away? After a week of storing one in your wallet, does it look like they have been through the washing machine? If this sounds like you, look into buying laminated business cards. Laminated business cards are a fairly uncommon purchase, but can be a great way to protect your cards, as well as make them stick out to prospective clients.

Laminated business cards have a protective coating over the actual card. This helps to protect the card from the wear and tear that it accumulates over time. Think of how many times a card changes hands. You give one of your cards to a co-worker to give to a friend, so he can give it to his boss. Each time your card changes hands, it is folded, put in a wallet or purse, or thrown in a desk drawer. Over time, the card may become unreadable, making it useless. You need the durability of laminated business cards.

But purchasing laminated business cards helps you to avoid this problem. Laminated business cards can not be easily bent, and the printing on the card will not wear off over time. Laminated business cards are durable and will stand the test of time.

Laminated business cards will also stick out to prospective clients because of their thicker stock and different feel. It is always good when your card catches the attention of a prospective client. Getting that prospective client to choose you and your business for their needs is what it is all about.

One down fall of laminated business cards is that you cannot write on them as easily as you can paper ones. Writing on a plastic card is difficult with a regular pen, and usually requires a marker. One way to get around this problem is to have both paper and laminated cards. Simply write the extra message on the paper cards and also hand them a laminated card that they will most likely keep for quite some time.

Overall, laminated business cards definitely have their place in the business world. But are laminated business cards right for you? To find out, you may want to order a few sample business cards and see how they hold up. Put them through a stress test and see how they come out. You will find that they will out last the paper variety by a long stretch.


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